May Favourites – 10 tracks I’ve been listening to

Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime

My friends introduced me to this album recently. I have listened to Erykah Badu before on ‘Afro Blue’ with the Robert Glasper Experiment and love that song, so naturally this album was a winner! Erykahs hazy harmonised vocals coupled with a lazy piano line and drumbeat make for some laid back neo-soul vibes.

Soweto Kinch – Neverending

Catching Soweto Kinch at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival jam session was such an amazing experience. I actually wrote my dissertation on him so it was great to see him in a jam session setting. I have been listening to his latest album Nonagram this month, but there are no clips of it on youtube, so I’ve put his song ‘Never-ending’ above, which is a great introduction to the world of Kinch – effortlessly cool, jagged melodic lines, lagging drum beats, and a piercing enticing sax sound. I’d recommend that you delve into some of his other stuff if you’re not familiar with Kinch – he’s also an MC and incorporates this into many of his albums.

Charlie Parker – Just Friends

I haven’t listened to Parker in a while, and I revisited his Charlie Parker with Strings album this month. He’ll always be the top saxophonist for me – and this album is a great introduction for anyone who is unfamiliar with his work/jazz as it eases you in to the world of bebop. Smooth strings glide underneath his soaring alto sound, and his lines are unbeatable for inventiveness, character and feeling.

Cast of Rent – Take Me Or Leave Me

Recently I listened to my iPod that hasn’t been updated with new music for a while, and had an urge to listen to some musicals. I have a few songs from the musical RENT on my iPod, which led me to this song. I’ve never seen this musical, but have heard good things from those who have. If the music is anything to go by, I imagine it’d be great!

Nubiya Garcia – Hold

I’ve been on the hunt for more female jazzers to listen to recently, and Nubiya Garcia is at the top of her game on the jazz scene at the minute. This is a great tune from a great album.

Miles Davis – Sketches of Spain

I listened to this album for the first time the other day – wow! I’m a huge Miles fan however I’d never listened to this album in full, which is very different from his hardbop/more jazz based music. This album really has to be listened to as a whole album as opposed to listening to the tracks separately.

The tracks on the album are as follows:

  1. Concierto de Aranjuez
  2. Will o’ the Wisp
  3. The Pan Piper (a.k.a. Alborada de Vigo)
  4. Saeta
  5. Solea


Listen to the playlist on spotify here. Also, check out last months favourites.



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