How to Spend a Weekend in Barcelona

Recently I went to Barcelona for a (very short) weekend trip! We packed in a lot of activities, however I feel that if you stayed here longer you’d have more opportunity to try out some of the less ‘touristy’ parts. Nevertheless, I had a great time, and loved eating lots of Spanish food! Heres a few activities to do whilst in Barcelona:

1. Visit La Sagrada Família

A globally recognised landmark of Spain, The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família is an awe-inspiring sight. The construction of it began in 1882 and it is still incomplete (hence the always-present building cranes). We listened to an audio guide whilst exploring the inside, which explained Gaudi’s visions within the building. The construction is hoped to be finished by 2025, on the centenary of Gaudi’d death.



A must-do is to go inside and climb one of the towers (we went in the Nativity tower), which gives you great views across the city:


2. Eat some tapas

One of my favourite things to do was to go to bars and have a glass of wine and share tapas. Some of my favourite dishes were ham, patatas bravas, bread with tomato and croquettes.


3. Drink at bars in the Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is filled with a range of bars – quirky hipster bars, cheap and cheerful bars, and even some british-looking Irish bars.

IMG_9361Cocktails aren’t too expensive (check the menu before you go inside!) and beer is cheap. At some bars which serve tapas too, it’s fun to sit on a bar stool at the bar as you get front row seats to watch them making the tapas – we even got to see a bartender using a blowtorch and an iron as part of a tapas construction!


4. Go to the beach

The uniqueness of Barcelona means that you can have both a beach and city break. The beach is filled with stuff going on – volleyball tournaments, cafes and water sports.


5. Wander around the city

Part of the experience of having a city break should be to schedule some time in to get lost! Wander the streets of Baegcelona to soak in the culture and discover unbeaten paths, this is often where the gems are found as you get away from the tourist spots.


6. Walk around Park Güell

Picturesque and a nice break from the bustling city, Gaudi’s park ‘Park Güell‘ is a great spot to have a walk. Trek to the top of the hill and you get a great view of the city.


7. Walk along Las Ramblas

There is plenty to see – there are street performers, human statues and caricaturists, and lots of stalls to buy trinkets and souvenirs. Las Ramblas is a right-of-passage for tourists, and you won’t be able to miss it – it’s a central boulevard which cuts straight through the city centre. Some may find it too touristy, however if you don’t mind busy crowds it’s a fun activity.

8. Peruse the La Boqueria Food Market

In the market there are rows upon rows of tempting food stalls, selling fruit, vegetables, meat, sweets, chocolate, juices and more.



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